Wealth Planning

Asset Planning

With the support of our network of experts, we identify clients’ needs and adapt wealth management to tax environment, individual circumstances, and country of residence. We also structure assets to anticipate specific events, such as the sale of a business or the settlement of an estate, while ensuring the protection of the families’ wealth.

Financial Planning

The evolution of assets over time can be directed to support specific needs and objectives, whether for private, corporate, or professional purposes. To this end, we carry out an in-depth analysis of clients’ assets, including professional and private projects, in order to rationally manage liquidity needs over time without jeopardising clients’ investment growth objectives.


We help our clients to ensure a smooth transition of assets from one generation to the next. From organising the drafting to implementing testamentary provisions or identifying the right succession planning vehicle, we ensure that our clients’ estate is structured around their objectives and in anticipation of potential future legal and tax implications.

      Irrevocable discretionary trusts
      Family foundations
      Insurance policies

          Direct access to companies in the main legislations (Ireland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein) to avoid distribution costs
          Through our broker, we provide a range of options in order to avoid any form of potential conflict of interest


If our clients need to transfer their residence, we help them to identify the relevant legal and tax considerations, taking into account the rules in force in the jurisdictions of departure and arrival. Soave can assist in making decisions by providing both financial and administrative advice.

Family business

As an independent family business ourselves, helping other families to organise, protect and transfer the wealth generated by their lives’ work is part of our DNA.


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