Family Office

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” – J.R.R. Tolkien

We assist wealthy families in defining and coordinating the architecture of their wealth to ensure its continuity, preservation, and growth over time.
We lay the foundations for the successful transmission of wealth to future generations.
We are a group of professionals able to help our clients in understanding, organising and monitoring their assets with the aim of maximising their most precious resource: their time.

A supervision performed through asset consolidation services, definition of Strategic Asset Allocation, monitoring and coordination of the performance of all counterparts (banks, asset managers and family professionals).
A fundamental ‘keystone’ that determines the success in preserving, growing and transferring investors’ wealth.

Through the development and growth of in-house resources and with the help of an established network of professionals and external counterparts, we first identify the needs and wishes of our customers.


      Consolidation of assets and performance through customised reporting
      Analysis and comparison of counterparties’ performance
      Ongoing dialogue with all counterparties in the family
    1. Cost control and negotiation of efficient terms
      Insight and synthesis of solutions proposed by different counterparties (including alternative assets, private equity and direct investments)


      Support in philanthropic activities
      Support in succession planning and generational transition management
      Coaching in the management of “extraordinary” asset events (e.g. extraordinary financial transactions for the family business)
      Support in the international relocation process
      “Education” and “know-how” development of family members and new generations