Family Office

A family office is a service company which manages the needs related to the assets of one or more wealthy families, acting as a coordination centre of financial and administrative management.

The connection with asset management is indivisible. The aim is to provide a solution for all needs related to assets, with a special focus on their management, protection and ultimately their transfer to future generations.

The family office essentially performs three functions:

      Specialised planning and consultancy: including financial, tax and strategic advisory services
      Investment management: including asset allocation, risk management, investment analysis and due diligence
      Global administration services: including the management of the relational dynamics between family members.

      We are convinced that this approach can be extended beyond a few privileged families, and, thanks to favourable economies of scale, we are able to make our in-house expertise available to all our clients, together with that of a network of trusted professionals with whom we have established institutional relationships for over 15 years.

Family Office Services

Analysis of the client’s overall financial situation

      Analysis and optimisation of the overall financial situation (bankable assets, real estate, company shares, etc.)
      Production of consolidated reporting
      Analysis of asset allocation, risks and risk-adjusted performance
    1. Analysis and optimisation of bank costs and individual investments
      Risk-weighted comparison of asset managers and banks

Costs analysis

      Breakdown of hidden costs and real costs analysis (Mifid II)
      Across the board comparison of conditions between banks
      Support in negotiating fair banking conditions


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