About us

We are a private, independent and qualified financial boutique that has been operating in the wealth management world for two decades. We aim to provide cutting-edge and effective solutions to all wealth-related needs, adopting a holistic, global and tailored approach.Founded in 2005 and still led today by a group of industry professionals, we are characterised by EXPERIENCE, TRANSPARENCY, EFFICIENCY, RELIABILITY, ETHICS, INTERNATIONALITY, EXCELLENCE.We have invested and continue to invest in employees who have years of proven experience in the world of wealth management and who assist our clients with professionalism, personalisation and, above all, without conflicts of interest.


In 2022 we have obtained the FINMA and Supervisory Organisation uthorization (we are affiliated with AOOS) to act as portfolio manager, pursuant to Financial Institutions Act, FinIA. We are also affiliated with the Ombudsman’s Office OFS Ombud Finance Switzerland and with the industry association VSV-ASG.