Cryptocurrencies and forex

The financial world is evolving rapidly and new investment opportunities are arising all the time. Soave offers support at all levels in managing existing cryptocurrency assets.

Transfer and protection

      Transfer from custodial wallet (exchange) to primary banking institution
      Conversion to FIAT currency (EUR, USD, CHF, GBP,..)
      Management of tax declaration
      Protection and safeguarding of converted assets
      Creation of customized investment vehicles in FIAT or Cryptocurrencies While maintaining its core business in traditional asset management, Soave Private Investors, thanks to its partners, offers the possibility of investing directly or indirectly in new technologies using algorithms based on technical analysis.


      Access to algorithmic cryptocurrency trading on custodial wallet (exchanges) and Swiss banks.
      Access to asset management in cryptocurrencies or hybrids
      Creation of customised mixed portfolios
      Support in the creation of tailor-made certificates (AMC, ETP)


      Access to trading platforms at preferential conditions
      Access to our partners’ algorithmic trading on various currency pairs


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